We believe that by providing an integrated health and social care service our clients can achieve wellbeing and a quality of life. Our support plans detail what our clients can do and what support they require in all areas of their care including communication and decision making; personal care; eating and drinking; mobility, accessing the community etc. These plans detail what support is needed and the means through which it is delivered.

We then support our clients to set achievable short-term and long-term goals in each of the areas of their support plan. These goals aim to increase our client’s life quality by increasing their independence, choice, and access to the community.

These support plans are updated on a regular basis as our clients’ needs and wishes change. We regularly meet our clients and their families to ensure that they are completely happy with the care provision that they are receiving.

We offer care services based in the home, in the community, for people with short term and long term health conditions and for those requiring end of life care.

Some of the support services that we offer

Personal care needs

which may include toileting, bathing, dressing, mealtime assistance and assisting with medication

Domestic support

such as shopping, cleaning, washing and ironing, financial support and animal care.

Travelling and mobility

from getting in and out of bed to providing and supporting with transportation into the community. We also provide support with physiotherapy exercises.


such as using techniques to help control behaviour and emotion, to increase memory and attention..

Therapeutic activities

to maintain social networks and hobbies.

Specialist support

with oxygen and feeding equipment, managing and using PEGs, Tracheostomies and NIV (non-invasive ventilation therapy).


to give full time carers the rest they need..

Live in care

where 24 hour support and assistance is needed

Holiday support

from booking tickets to accompanying a client on their holiday or travels.

Social interaction

such as chatting and discussing, playing games, one to one support at home or at day centres, the pursuit of hobbies and interests and keeping in touch with family and friends.

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