Who we are

Your Care Services is an independent and dedicated care provider which specialises in providing personalised home-based support, rehabilitation and personal care services for people with acquired brain injuries and neurological conditions.

We also offer services to individuals with learning disabilities, mental illness and other social or complex health needs. By putting people at the centre of everything we do, our care is entirely bespoke. We strive to increase the independence, freedom and choice of the people who need our support.

Our Aim & Our Philosophy

The aim of Your Care Services: To enable people to live safely and comfortably in their own homes whilst maintaining their dignity, freedom of choice and privacy.

We achieve this in a number of ways, firstly by introducing a small team of carers to our clients we ensure that consistent high-quality care is provided by regular faces. Further by completing regular assessments of our clients’ needs, we are able to offer skilled and tailored care which enables the people we support to achieve their optimum state of health and well-being.

Ultimately we want to provide our clients with a quality of life, one which they can share with the people around them.

The Your Care Services philosophy: To provide a service which recognises people’s values, regardless of circumstances, by respecting their uniqueness, their personal needs and treating them with respect.

Our philosophy: Our care is completely adaptable to every individual’s changing needs and aspirations – we appreciate that everyone is different and has unique requirements.

We respect and encourage the right of independence for all our clients; their privacy will be respected at all times and all information relating to individuals will remain confidential.

Our clients have the right to individual choice and personal decision-making and are given the opportunity, where possible, to choose how and when they would like their service delivered. We encourage families to work in partnership with us to achieve this goal. We also recognise the individual need for personal fulfilment and therefore offer individualised programmes of meaningful activity to satisfy that need.

Your Care Services promotes diversity and provides a culturally sensitive service tailored to our client’s unique requirements, whether it be linguistic, cultural or religious needs.

Our Values

All at Your Care Services are caring, understanding, competent and trained to respect your needs, dignity and wishes. Our carers will promote your independence, freedom and choice. We only recruit people who are empathetic, sensitive, trustworthy and passionate. Our carers and managers are given specialist comprehensive training that enables them to excel in providing tailored care. That’s why we are confident we offer the best possible care.


Through a rigorous internal recruitment process we ensure that each of our employees is passionate about care.


Through our in-house and external training we promote employee development and ensure our team is up to date with the latest skills and knowledge in care.


Home care support is based on trust between an individual and their carers. We match our carers to our clients based on background, knowledge and skills. We provide a consistent service with a small team who are introduced to the client before the care begins.

Customer focus

We give our clients the opportunity to have their say and provide a person centred approach to the care we provide. This includes not only the person who receives the care but the people around them, their family and friends.

Our Specialism

Your Care Services are recognised and recommended by health professionals as specialist care-providers for brain injury and neurological conditions.

Our philosophy, our dedication, our expertise and our passion have earned us huge respect as a high-quality care provider in the Midlands region.

We are able to provide this service due to our specialist and dedicated team who have the knowledge and abilities to support and rehabilitate individuals with numerous impairments.

Brain injuries

We support clients with brain injuries caused by trauma, cerebral vascular accidents, tumours, substance use and from haemorrhages. We are able to accommodate and support a vast range of impairments in cognition (i.e. attention, memory, language), sensory abilities, motor skills, emotion regulation and behavioural control.

Our carers are trained to support such individuals to regain their independence and skills and have a quality of life. The techniques that we use are tailored for the particular individual that we are supporting. We believe that overall wellbeing can be achieved by only providing support up to the level that is needed; this encourages independence rather than dependency. By giving our clients a role in their care we empower them and promote their choice and freedom. Our person centred approach has enabled many of our clients to participate in everyday tasks from washing and dressing in the morning to accessing the community.

We have experience in supporting individuals in the transition from a residential unit back to the comfort of their own home, no matter what their condition. Even those who’s brain injury has affected their behaviour control and led to challenging or aggressive behaviour have the right to live at home and we have been able to support them with this.

Neurological conditions

We also provide specialist support services for individuals with neurological conditions such as Huntington’s disease Motor Neurone Disease , Dementia and Supranuclear-palsy .

We recognise that neurological conditions can lead a person to require more support on some days and less on others. Our flexibility allows us to support individuals according to their immediate needs.

Other support services that we currently offer

Our skilled carers are able to use their knowledge and techniques to support any individual who requires support within their own home

We are trained to support individuals with equipment and complex care needs such as NIV therapy (Non-Invasive Ventilation), PEGs and Tracheostomies.

Willing to know more about services reach us directly