Our Services

We offer the support, praise, persistence and passion, making what was once impossible for our clients, now achievable. We pride ourselves on our ability to increase our clients’ life quality through promoting their independence, choice, and ultimately their freedom.

At Your Care Services we will provide staff who are caring, understanding, competent and who respect your needs, dignity and wishes and who will promote your independence, choice and freedom within your care provision. Our skilled carers are able to use their knowledge and techniques to support any individual who requires support within their own home

Every client in our care receives a highly specialised and comprehensive individually-tailored rehabilitation plan. This plan is created using a multi-disciplinary team approach and receives input from neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, NHS trust professionals,specialised nurses and neurologists; this approach allows us to create a plan that provides our clients with the best possible care provision, and helps to achieve the best possible outcomes for the client from this care.

To find out more about how Your Care Services can support you with home care and personal assistance in your home and community, please contact us.