For Myself

Requesting for any type of support can be a difficult decision for any person to make. We at Your Care Services can assure you that the care we provide is dignified and trustworthy. We will only provide the support that is required and requested up to the level that is needed. Our aim is to encourage independence rather than dependency.

Our referral team are trained to assess your needs and wishes and incorporate them into a support plan for our carers to follow. You will be allocated a care co-ordinator who will manage your care and the carers providing your support. Your care coordinator will support you with booking health check-ups and appointments and ensuring you are receiving all the support you require.

Our assessments are based in your own home where we can assess your needs and risk assess your living environment. We may make suggestions if we know of any aids of equipment which may allow you to be more comfortable and safe in your own home. We will also create protocol’s and action plans to minimise risks within your care.

We will ask you about your normal daily routine so that your carers are aware and for you to tell us something about yourself so our carers can get to know you as an individual.

Our needs assessment is designed to cover all possible areas of your life to ensure we are supporting you as much as possible. it will identify your strengths in certain abilities, where you need support and the goal you wish to attain in this ability and how you wish your routines to be carried out. This assessment can take between 30 minutes – 2 hours. When we commence the service, we will continuously assess your needs as they change and work with you to alter your support plan.

From all this information a very detailed and comprehensive support plan will be created. It will include your essential information, a précis about yourself, your condition(s), needs and how your support should be provided in different areas. It will also include your detailed routines and information regarding your equipment and specialist needs. This allows your care to be completely tailored to your needs, and to what you want to receive from our care provision. We may also provide advice to you in extra services. We can provide or suggest a number of different ways through which we could improve your care so that you specifically know the different options that are available to you.

We pride ourselves on being adaptable and flexible to your needs and we will tailor our care to ensure that you receive the best care possible.

To find out more about how Your Care Services can support you in your home and community, please contact us.

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